Animal Nepal campaigns against birth control injections for pets

No injectionIt seems such an easy solution to a difficult problem: birth control injections for your pet. They are cheap, and unscrupulous kennel club staff come to your gate to administer them, for almost nothing. But did you know that with this kind of birth control your pet has increased chances of ending up with an infected uterus? A  problem which if not diagnosed and treated immediately can kill your dog?

Progestin contraception injections are widely available in Nepal, and often replace surgical birth control. They are cheap, and easy to administer. A research by Animal Welfare Network Nepal found that close to 75% of pets receiving family planning are given regular progestin injections, while only 25% are sterilised through surgery.


Animal Nepal worships rescued dogs during kukur tihar 2014

AN Invitation for Kukur puja

Kathmandu, October 20, 2014– On the occasion of Kukur Tihar 2014, Animal Nepal invites visitors to worship rescued dogs at its Chobar Animal Sanctuary and make pet toys from recycled materials. During this year’s dog worship Animal Nepal expresses its concern about unregulated dog breeding and the lack of responsible pet ownership.

The event on Wednesday October 22 will start with at 11 am with visitors offering their blessings to rescued dogs and donkeys. At 12.30 am participants will be invited to make pet toys from recycled materials.

According to Animal Nepal, the growing culture of buying foreign breed dogs is increasingly resulting in animal abuse. Unregulated dog breeding has become a big business, with the welfare standards of the dogs severely compromised. Owning German Shepherds, Japanese Spitzes, Labradors and Pugs is often considered a status symbol and owners tend to be ill informed about dog management and welfare. More

Fighting animal cruelty with acts of kindness

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How does one stop terrible acts of animal cruelty? By acts of kindness!

Gadhimai festival is known as the world’s largest sacrifice event. Animal Nepal and first lobbied against the festival in 2005, and through Animal Welfare Network Nepal alerted the world in 2009, when countless animals were killed in the village of Bariyapur. See here for more information about the campaign.

Patan Durbar Square ‘rabies free zone’ on World Rabies Day 2014

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Patan, 28 Sept 2014- A World Heritage Site adorned with beautiful temples. That is Patan’s Durbar Square, home to countless stray dogs. On World Rabies Day 2014, Animal Nepal turned the Square into a rabies free ‘zone’. The vaccination camp aimed to vaccinate around 50 dogs.

First locals received education materials and information about the rabies virus and the importance of vaccination. When the team started at Krishna Mandir temple, they found that the dogs were calm and peaceful, which made the catching easy. More

Our comfy new office room is a Mongolian yurt!

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Animal Nepal is proud to introduce Kathmandu’s first Mongolian yurt imported and donated by our corporate partner Green Architects. Anyone who is curious to see a real yurt or ger is welcome to come and see it at our office premises at Dhobighat.

The movable, circular yurt is made up of wooden poles connected by rope made from horse hair. The structure is covered with felt made from the wool of sheep and a cotton lining which gives that unique ‘back to nature’ feeling.

The founder of Green Architects Nepal, Pawan Kumar Shrestha, explains: “We have brought yurts to Nepal to be used in the tourism sector but we are even thinking of supplying it for living purposes.” According to Shrestha the yurt can also be used as housing for flood victims and temporary housing for construction labourers in remote parts of the country.

By establishing the yurt at its premises, Animal Nepal supports natural living in harmony with nature, reflected by the nomads’ house. Nomads spend their whole life migrating together with their animals.

Come and see our very special office room cum education center any time during the week (office hours only)!

Chitwan Warden warns against elephant smuggling

Cartoon elephantKathmandu, 24 September 2014 –  Animal Nepal’s campaign against the smuggling of elephants from India by the safari industry recently booked a success. On the occasion of World Elephant Day, the Warden of Chitwan National Park, Mr Kamal Jung Kunwar, spoke out against the illegal trade, and said action would be taken against those involved.

According to a report by the Chitwan Post, ‘[b]ringing elephants from any other nations is illegal and if any entrepreneurs are found doing so then actions will be taken against them.’

In Sauraha alone 60 captive elephants are employed in the safari industry. Almost all elephants are bought across the border; until recently annually on average seven Indian elephants were traded from India to be employed as safari elephants. Among them are blind, underaged, overaged and sick elephants.


Donkey sanctuary fully booked with 28 equines!

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Badikhel, September 19, 2014 –With the birth of two new foals and the recovery of almost all our equines, it is a time for celebration at Animal Nepal’s Donkey Sanctuary. With the arrival of festive season, the weather is improving. The view of our healthy equines grazing in the green fields of Badikhel is a happy sight. Animal Nepal’s donkey sanctuary is now fully booked with 28 equines! More


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Badhikhel- 12 August- 2014, Animal Nepal’s team did not expected that one day SINGH would be running on his four feet when they came across the suffering mule for the first time. Singh seemed at the end of his wits due to a severe front leg injury and various other wounds. The young red-brown 2 year old was the victim of a fight among equines at a Bhaktapur brick factory.

In March Animal Nepal realised Singh’s working life at a Bhaktapur kiln had come to an end due to multi trauma injuries. Singh’s owner agreed that the suffering mule should be taken to the Godavari Donkey Sanctuary.  Here veterinarians Dr Koirala and Yadav provided the hard working equine with medical treatment including painkillers, Vitamins and Neurobin injections. Comfortable bedding was provided to ensure his comfort. With regular follow up treatment and hoof trimming Singh’s front leg slowly recovered but still suffered from bended front legs. More

July Adoption Month: A Success!

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Kathmandu – 9th August-2014 – Hundreds of phone calls and eight puppies adopted. That is the outcome of July Adoption Month, celebrated last month.

Animal Nepal this week celebrates the success of the event during which eight of our lucky puppies were adopted by loving families. Among them were Chris Stromlund and family who adopted Mini, Milan Shrestha gave home to Maxi, Amrita Subedi from Daanchi adopted only ten days old pup Jack. Tara Buddha Magar from Mahankal, Saral Shrestha from Kapan, Santosh KC and Hari Kumar Dhoju from Lalitpur adopted newly rescued puppies born from the same mother. Roshesh Giri from Mangal Bazar adopted Brownie and last but not the least Tara Rana Magar from Kausaltar provided a loving home to Paphu. More

July is Dog Adoption Month

Dog adoption ad standardKathmandu, July 1, 2014 – During Dog Adoption Month, Animal Nepal promotes the adoption of puppies from its Chobar Animal Sanctuary. Participants will receive an adoption pack, including certificate, a cute belt and a voucher for one year free treatment.

Animal Nepal earlier launched its ‘Be Proud to be Nepali, Adopt a Nepali Dog’ campaign. Although many people prefer a pure breed, Animal Nepal believes local mixed breeds are just as handsome, clever, funny and lovable. When handled well mixed breeds tend to be very healthy as they carry strong genes and are well adjusted to local conditions.

Dogs presently available for adoption can be found here:


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