BB, a beauty in the making

Sometimes dogs which we try to rehabilitate do not survive. It is always painful having to let go of dogs, especially when they’ve been fighting for their lives for a long time. This year I lost two puppies due to Parvo (another survived – the first ever to survive of Parvo in my care!). Especially the death of Billy (see photo) was traumatising.

My friends Martin and Miriam had go through the ordeal of losing their puppy Bruno to rabies. Annually some 200 people die due to rabies in Nepal. After Bruno’s death Martin and Miriam and all their close friends had to visit the hospital several times for Post Exposure Treatment.

When Martin send me a High Puppy Alert SMS I decided to act quickly. The puppy Martin had singled out was an almost hairless 4-month old female dog, lying listlessy by the side of a busy road. I took her to the Mobile Vet Clinic where she was quickly and effectively cleaned, covered in antifungal cream, injected with Ivermectin and dewormed.

An hour later the puppy slept peacefully on my balcony.I decided to call her Black Beauty, hoping that that is what she will be in the near future.

For the time being however BB stands for Badly Smelling Babe….

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