No Face Gets a Face (and a Family)

Scruffy came on our path on an auspicious day. When driving towards the house of our chair Dr NPS Karki in Baneshwor forAnimal Nepal’s first new board meeting, our secretary Manoj Gautam noticed a ‘faceless’ puppy. At first Manoj was not sure it was a dog. He looked more like a mix of a baby monkey and a marmot. So there it was, Scruffy.

We’ll probably never know what happened to Scruffy. Did someone throw acid at him? Did he develop a skin problem on his face and kept on scratching until there was no hair left on his face? What we do know is that Scruffy is terrified of water and doesn’t want anyone to touch his face.

After spending a few days with me I realised it would be better for ‘No Face’ to be in a quieter place. My other dogs, wanting to play, caused his sensitive skin to bleed, after which the wounds had to be cleaned, something Scruffy loathed.
Student Aditi Pandey fell in love with Scruffy as soon as she saw his pic. She took him home and spoiled him with vegetarian food and bones to chew on. He was treated with Ivermectin, antisceptic cream and supportive supplements. The result? Just look at him – a epitome of health and happyness.

Scruffy will remain with Aditi and her boyfriend. They form a great team. We wish them every bit of good luck!

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