Fluffy: a miraculous recovery

I met Fluffy with her mother and sister at a farm in Bagdol. The farmer (one of the few left in our neighbourhood) owns cows and sheep, and a flock of dogs. He talks to all of them and knows how to treat sick animals with home remedies. His presence is a great source of irritation to the neighbours, who live in marble palaces. They want the farmer to get rid of his dogs, by throwing them in the nearby Bagmati river, or by sending them to his home district.

The farmer loves his dogs. He asked us to help him manage his dog population. They need to be vaccinated and sterilised. I promised – as a first step- to take one of the two puppies. That’s how Fluffy came to the house.

Fluffy was very shy and listless. After deworming and defleeing it became obvious that she suffered from parvo, a much dreaded deadly puppy disease. I decided to take Fluffy back to her mother; perhaps mother milk would help her recover. It was too late for that – the mother no longer had any milk left, and Fluffy’s sister had already died from parvo.

I felt shocked. A few weeks earlier two puppies had died from parvo in my house. I felt I could not handle another slow, painful puppy death. But I had no choice. I asked Dr Thapa to provide Fluffy with antibiotics and vaccinate her against parvo and distemper, without much hope. The vet too did not think she would make it. I grinded my teeth.

Strangely enough, Fluffy survived. She is in fact the first puppy to survive parvo in my care.

We will never know what caused her recovery. I did give her regular medicines and homeopathic remedies like arsenicum and china, but that is standard. Did the vaccination do the trick? Should we vaccinate sick puppies much earlier to prevent untimely death? Fluffy leaves us with many questions.

And happyness. Because Fluffy found two wonderful adoptive parents – student Shirish and his girlfriend Kajal. Kajal writes the following:

i m the care taker of fluffy.. shirish’s frn.. actually i m crazy abt havin pets so he gifted me fluffy.. hhmmm.. fluffy is real clever n cutie.. she has nicely adapted the surrounding and is doing well.. we have assigned a new veterinary 4 fluffy n he visits once a month..the vaccination prescribed in her last prescription r all done.. she sleeps with me n my elder sister.. she wakes up with me at around 6 n we both go 4 a walk.. sometimes she makes me breatheless because she runs real fast.. hehe.. i have sent u some pics of fluffy n my another pet JAMBO.. i m real grateful to u 4 letting me have fluffy.. thanx alot..

Life holds great surprises, for humans, and for canines. Who would think miserable Fluffy would end up like a diva sleeping with two dog crazy sisters?

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  1. Georgia Rose and Ramesh's world
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 06:48:00

    My husband and I found a puppy, I have called her Freda. She has a hurt leg and we are waiting for the vets to open to treat her. Her coat is rough and no one was feeding her and no one cared. I think she could not find food due to her hurt leg and would have soon died. We cannot take her to our home as we live in one room and our landlady does not want her in the house or garden. We have her under some shelter near the vets with a cardboard box to sleep in and we have been feeding her raw eggs etc. She seems like she is okay to stay there while she recovers more tho I do worry that someone will be cruel to her but no one seems to bother with her. I was wondering how we could find a way to put her up for adoption now or when she recovers more as she is very thin and her coat is not so nice but she is a lovely little thing. I am prepared to pay for all her vaccinations, worming etc and to stop her having any puppies. She is a lovely puppy and no one cared about her in the street we saw her in as it seemed no one feed her anything. I am Australian, my husband Nepalese, and I was shocked to see a puppy in such a state with no one giving her any attention as it would never happen in Australia.Please help us. I would have liked to fly her to Australia but found out it would cost me $8000 and I do not have that amount and any way the flight and long stay in quarintine would not be very nice for her and I am sure she would like to stay in Nepal. If I cannot find a home for her.. I will keep feeding her until she is health and can find food herself and be a street dog. Kind Regards, Georgia Rose Dumre and Freda (Puppy)

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