Donkey misery once more (this time in Terai)

‘Ke garne’, What can we do? That was the reaction of brick killn owners in Nepalgunj when Pranaj Rai asked why so many working donkeys are wounded or sick.

Pranaj witnessed countless ‘over work type of abuses’, including nylon rope friction wounds, lacerations and malnutrition. His photographs are a testament to the terrible forms of neglect working donkeys face in Nepal.
The owners say they are poor and illiterate and that animal rights are a far cry…
We heard similar answers a few months ago when we visited a brick factory in Siddhipur, Lalitpur. Here, so close to the capital, children and donkeys toil to carry bricks to and from the killn. They do not receive medical care. None of the donkeys are happy or healthy.

Something must be done! Who will take the first step to change the miserable lives of kids and donkeys in exploitative brick killns?

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  1. herojig
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 13:41:00

    The “official” campaign page is now up on the animalNepal website regarding this important issue…see for more info.

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