Mangal and the crime that cannot be forgotten

Animal rescue can be a depressing thing. Yesterday we were called by a young woman from Mangal Bazaar, Patan. A dog needed to be rescued. When we arrived in the alleyway where the dog was kept we were greeted by a dreadful smell. The smell of a suffering, dying dog. A shivering dog was lying in a dark corner, a part of its flank cut off and the underlying flesh and bone parts exposed. Someone must have attacked it with a sharp knife. It barely looked at us, but allowed us to stroke its sad, wet face.

At first people were willing to help. A taxi was called and we were informed that it was no good calling the owners, since they couldn’t care less. But when it came to lifting the dog unto a plastic sheet only a drunk neighbour came forward.

At the Mobile Vet Clinic the dog was immediately provided with anesthesia. Soon it became apparent that the dog also suffered injuries on one of its legs and on its back. We decided to put it to sleep.

We did not want the dog to die nameless. We called the dog Mangal, after the location where we found him. Mangal will remain a symbol for the level of cruelty that is inflicted on animals in Nepal.

Rescues such as these make us feel intensily sad. But they also remind us of how important our work is. Until recently no one knew what to do when dogs were tortured. Now people know whom to call. They are angry and upset; the lady who called us said the dog was one of her favourites, who often visited her shop. Mangal went through tremendous suffering but at least he died a painless death.

The next step is to get the Animal Welfare Act passed and functioning and bring the perpetrators to book.

I hope Mangal did not die in vain.

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    Oct 11, 2009 @ 00:58:59

    Shame…very shame for all the humans beings. I need to congrats you and all your team for all the good work that you are doing in Nepal. I never imaginated that this people was so bad for the animals.

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