Xena’s new leash on life

Margaret and Laurence Becker from Australia during their stay in Nepal rescued countless dogs. In some cases Animal Nepal was able to assist them with vet or transport services. One such case was that of Xena, a malnourished, limping puppy who blossomed into a beautiful, healthy adult. This is what Margaret and Laurence write:

“Xena came to our attention when a friend noticed that the three moth old stray pup’s ears living not so far from our house looked somehow different. Upon closer inspection she realised that Xena was covered in ticks. In addition she had wounds on her back legs and she limped indicating a vehicle accident at some stage. Given that this puppy was born in a very busy area we decided to call her Xena because she had thus far survived the odds and was still alive! The name comes from the TV series about a female warrior princess. Xena definitely is a feisty girl, a survivor!

Xena had her first trip in a taxi to he Mobile Vet Clinic at Jawalakhel where she was treated for ticks. What a relief for her! I then contacted Lucia at Animal Nepal who suggested we take Xena to the Chobar Sanctuary for spaying and vaccinations. This was Xena’s second ride in a taxi where she happily curled up on the floor at my feet and slept for the journey!

Five days later I received a call from Animal Nepal to say that Xena would be arriving that evening at Patan Dhoka. Laurence and I waited excitedly for the jeep to arrive and when it did Xena jumped out from the back and ran into our arms. This reunion certainly attracted a crowd!

We are pleased to report that Xena has been accepted by the locals and that she is well fed. She is also part of the large dog community at Patan Dhoka and is often seen playing with other pups. 

She certainly knows her name and comes running when we call her. She has a beautiful nature and is very loving and it is a joy to see her whenever we are at Patan Dhoka.

Thanks to Animal Nepal Xena has been given the chance of a rabies-free life and will never have the burden of puppies.

We wish her a safe and happy life.”

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