August 11, 2011 – Indian donkeys employed in Kathmandu brick kilns

Donkeys roaming.jpg
Animal Nepal is shocked to find that each year 100-300 Indian equines are employed in Kathmandu brick factories. The equines come from Nanpura in Uttar Pradesh, India, a small town located at a 22 km distance from Nepalgunj (Nepal).  
Nanpura equine owners have strong connections with the Nepalgunj community. If the imported equine is part of a herd it will enter Nepal through the official route. However, smaller numbers are smuggled across the border. Brokers charge IRs 1000 per donkey to provide a Nepali custom paper and a veterinary certificate.
At Nanpura during off season all equines are in abandoned in the street; no owner has a proper shelter for equines. The municipality runs a Kanji House where confiscated equines are kept but charges only IRs 50 per donkey so owners do not mind paying the occasional fines

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