August 26, 2011 – AN deeply upset by Bhaktapur dog poisoning

Poisoning dogs in Bhaktapur.JPG
Animal Nepal is deeply upset by the recent strychnine poisoning of around 200 community dogs by Bhaktapur municipality. AN lobbies for a total ban on dog poisoning and condemns authorities which continue to use inhumane, dangerous and ineffective methods to address overpopulation.
The images of ‘man’s best friend’ dying a slow and agonizing death are heart rendering and deeply traumatizing for children and other members of the public.
What is even more shocking is that the strychnine poison was provided by the Zoonoses Unit of Epidemiology Disease Control Division (EDCD), the government body in charge of mass vaccination campaigns funded by animal welfare organizations.
Animal Nepal wants to thank Bhaktapur Animal Welfare Society (BAWS) for saving and euthanizing some of the dogs and standing up against the local government.

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