October 23, 2011 – Animal Nepal comes to the rescue in Dholahity

Two weeks ago we received an email from Lalitpur resident Soan KC which said: “During the Dashain holidays, I saw three street dogs familiar to me die in my area (a vehicle ran over one and the two died of illness such as prostate gland problems). There are more than fifty street dogs in Dholahity requiring rescue and assistance from us and hence, I make a request for a camp to help these needy animals. The urgent need at this moment is rabies vaccination and operation on female dogs to stop their breeding.”
Today, with the help of Soan and her friends, we vaccinated 23 dogs and treated two dogs. We also rescued a severely malnourished, hairless dog and caught female dogs for spaying. Soan KC uploaded a photo essay on Facebook which she dedicated to the members of Animal Nepal for “showing me the path and assuring that those who can’t express can be understood and taken care of …… one of the most productive days of my life…..”
The photos can be seen here.

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