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November 1 – Cancer treatment at our shelter successful

Puppy - tumour-uitsnede.jpg
When on September 14 we provided chemotherapy to the first dog suffering from CTVT (Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumour) we were not sure what to expect. Puppy suffered not only from a large cauliflower like growth from the privates but also from a tumour in her right one.  CTVT is a common disease in female dogs in Nepal. Until recently we euthanized dogs with advanced stages of CTVT. As this was affecting us deeply we searched for alternatives.
We are very relieved to be able to report that the chemo has been extremely successful and that Puppy – after being spayed- has been returned to her owners. She has no more tumours and can see perfectly well with both eyes. By now we have successfully treated two stray dogs, all of whom reacted very well to the treatment. 

October 19 – Dogs rescued during Dasain festival

Nana rescue1-low reso.jpg
Dasain festival is always a busy time for the rescue of discarded injured or sick dogs. When the festival is approaching, people drop unwanted dogs (including unweaned puppies) on the street in order to clean up the house. This year we rescued one puppy with a dislocated hip, called Asha.
When driving to our Chobar sanctuary we noticed a dog on the side of Ring Road who seemed to have died. When we approached the lifeless body, the dog actually wagged its tail! Nana suffers from an ear wound, malnutrition and dehydration but is believed to be able to survive his ordeal.
We also rescued a survivor of distemper, who has permanent neurological damage. Only after one month of intensive treatment will we know if the damage is reversible. 

October 1 – Swiss volunteer vet joins our team

Donkey trek6.jpg
Swiss vet Ramona Deiss arrived a few days ago to join our team for four months. Ramona studied Veterinary Science at Bern University and has worked in shelters for around six years. An ardent trekker and mountain biker, she chose Nepal not only for its widespread animal abuse but also for its natural beauty.
Ramona is interested both in livestock and small animal medicine, but first wants to get a hands-on experience of working in stray dog and working donkey programmes in Nepal. We are very happy to have Ramona and wish her a wonderful time working with us.  

October 8 – One more rescued donkey passes away

Animal Nepal today once more had to deal with some sad news. Despite great efforts by our vets to save her, Nanu passed away in the evening of the 9th. Only a few weeks ago Benji , another much loved resident at our Donkey Sanctuary, passed away. This means that of the eight donkeys we rescued from Kavre, a place where an estimated 55 donkeys died in the rainy season of 2009, only four are still alive.
The surviving donkeys where in a bad state when they arrived, but improved gradually and were enjoyed their new lives at the sanctuary. After we lost four ‘Kavre donkeys’ we realize their condition was a fragile one from the beginning. During post mortem it was found was that both Benji and Nanu had stomach ulcers which acted like ticking time bombs. They also suffered from deterioration of the lungs (due to peritonitis and TB). 
We feel sad and frustrated that we could not give Benji and Nanu a few more happy years at our sanctuary! We pray the health of the four surviving donkeys will further improve so they can live a comfortable old age at our shelter. 

Hundreds of Students Join Walk 4 Animals

October 4, 2010 – Today hundreds of students joined Animal Nepal’s rally to celebrate World Animal Day. 
“Unchain your dog”, “Animals look up to you, don’t let them down” and “Animals feel pain like you”. These are some of the slogans that could be seen during a Walk 4 Animals.
Hundreds of students and animal lovers walked from Patan to Kathmandu to raise funds and awareness for animals. At the finish, at GAA hall, Pramada Shah and Rita Limbu spoke about the importance of creating a cruelty free society. Students from Ullens’ School performed a play and introduced a new song. The Animal Welfare Network Nepal honoured the winners of the article writing competition‘Dukha euta ho, ragat pani’: Bishwa Poudel, Sambinda Shrestha, Govinda Sudebi and Roshan Shrestha. 
In Nepal animal welfare campaigners on World Animal Day focus on the need for an animal welfare act and improved conditions for all animals, including pets, wildlife and working animals.
Says Pramada Shah, Volunteer Director of Animal Nepal: “Nepal faces many challenges when it comes to animal welfare.  That is why on World Animal Day we want to launch a movement for animals led by students. Respect for animals is a basic requirement for a just society.”
The rally raised NRs 200,000, which will be used to improve the living conditions for sick and injured animals at our shelter, Animal Nepal wants to thank sponsors Green Ventures, Samsung, Nepal Sri Bank and Rio, as well as Shristi Shrestha and friends for organising the Walk 4 Animals.

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