September 20, 2011 – Three equines adopted by Chitwan farm

Sanu with Ursula at Shobha;s farm.jpg
As Animal Nepal’s donkey sanctuary is getting over populated we are always on the look out for adoption families. Earlier this month our board member Shobha Rayamaji committed herself to adopting one horse (Jugal) and two of our donkeys (Champa and Sanu). Shobha’s farm is located in Nawalparasi, a ten hour drive from Kathmandu.
Today our staff Dr Sudeep, Tek Bahadur and Keshab loaded the equines in a Tata truck and set off for the farm. Upon their arrival the equines were checked by a team from Mayhew International, who were conducted a training at Rampur Veterinary College. Jugal was treated for a minor health problem, while Sanu and Champa were found to be in good condition. The threesome enjoys its new home, with more space, fodder and personal attention

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