December 27 – Five puppies in a bag…

Kathmandu, December 27, 2011 – How does a Tibetan Mastiff puppy feel when taken away from its mother in Helambu and put inside a nylon bag together with four other dogs, only to be taken out to be shown to potential buyers on the streets of Kathmandu?

Today we educated street puppy sellers on dog management and humane handling. The network is shocked by the conditions in which Tibetan Mastiff puppies are kept while being sold in Kathmandu Valley.

Together with Animal Welfare Network Nepal we campaigns for better treatment of puppies by street vendors. In exchange for free deworming medicines and literature, we demand better ways of keeping the puppies, vaccinations, and education of buyers. Here Dr Sudeep Koirala explains potential buyers of the pitfalls while the sellers are looking on.

We request interested animal lovers not to buy puppies from street vendors, but to visit a genuine breeder who provides treatment, vaccination and information about the background of the parents.

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