January 18 – Brick season starts with first mobile health camp

Today we officially started our ‘brick season’ by organising a health camp at Bol Bom brick factory. Apart from deworming, vaccinating and treating the animals, we also treated the hoofs with the help of professional UK farrier Dominic McMahn.

Due to the success of the donkey convoy programme, the overall condition of the equines was better than other years (for now).  However, the conditions of child handlers seem to further deteriorate. We met and treated Raju. Raju is a mentally and physically handicapped boy who works as a donkey handler in Bol Bum brick factory. Speaking of blood bricks….Raju is virtually blind. The job is difficult and dangerous. We treated his sores but it very frustrating to leave a boy like that behind in a brick factory.

A photo essay of the camp can be watched here: 5699395700522769858rss>


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