January 23 – Garage Sale for a Better World now a monthly event

Animal Nepal/1905 restaurant’s first Garage Sale for a Better Planet, organised on January 7, was a big hit. We managed to raise Rs 17,000 for needy animals. That is why we have decided to turn it into a monthly event,  held always on the first Saturday of the month.

As far as we know our monthly Garage Sales for a Better Planet are the first of such kind in Nepal. The term Garage Sale stems from the fact that traditionally in the USA these events were usually held in a garage or carport.

The event was born when Animal Nepal got donated a house full of second hand items. We used some of them for our shelters and volunteer room but realized there was still a lot left. When we talked to Shobha Rayamajhi, who is a board member at Animal Nepal, she offered to help us organize a Garage Sale at her restaurant, 1905 in Kantipath. We combined it with 1905’s Saturday Farmers’ Market, when a lot of people visit the premises.

Everyone is welcome to sell his or her goods at the sale. Renting a table costs Rs 100 and participants are requested to donate 10% of their income to Animal Nepal. If someone wants to donate second hand items to Animal Nepal, our volunteers will offer these items for sale.

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