March 13 – First equine trimming training receives positive responses

Animal Nepal, in order to build equine trimming and farrier capacity in Nepal, presently organises various trainings with UK farrier Dominic McMahn and Donkey Sanctuary’s Veterinary Coordinator Dr Ramesh Kumar from India.  The first training drew 14 participants, who got excited about their new skills.

In the absence of professional farriers, Nepal’s equines (horses, mules and donkeys) tend to suffer from various leg and hoof problems, resulting in infections, deformities and lameness. Animal Nepal wants to create a group of professionals who are ready to share their skills and knowledge.

The Equine Trimming and Hoof Management Training is a one week hands one workshop for veterinarians, vet assistants as well as equine owners and handlers.

The trainings, conducted by overseas and Nepalese experts, offer a unique opportunity for interested participants to learn essential hoof cutting skills.

Participants receive a certificate after passing a practical exam. They will be enabled to buy a farrier set at a discounted rate.


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