March 20 – Pharping CNVR camp a big hit

How would you feel if your living room was turned into an operation theater in the day, and an intensive care unit for over twenty dogs at night?

Probably very upset, but that is what business enterpreneur Norbu Kalden from Pharping agreed to when teaming up with Animal Nepal to conduct a Catch Neuter Vaccinate and Release (CNVR) camp in his village.

With the help of Trinba Cafe and local clubs, we first mobilised the community through leafletting and mobile camps. Volunteer Jiggy Gaton moved the hearts of those who joined a local talk programme about the project.

In total 52 dogs were spayed and vaccinated and many more treated. The dogs were kept only for one night, and checked upon after release.

CNVR camps are an effective and humane way to solve stray dog problems in a country like Nepal.They can replace poisoning campaigns by local governments.

Animal Nepal encourages communities across the country to organise CNVR camps, and create villages where people and canines can coexist in peace.

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