March 30 – Workshop on Enforcement of Animal Transportation Rules

Most people driving across the Terai will cringe when seeing a truck leaded with livestock or working animals. The sight of buffaloes, including new born calves, stacked together in a Tata truck, tethered from their sensitive noses, is a sight one cannot easily forget. The over-crowding and cruel tethering leads to serious health depletion, stress, wounds and infections. Ironically, Nepal has well designed rules for the transport of animals. However, due to a lack of monitoring and enforcement, few follow the laws.

Animal Nepal is very concerned about the cruel and haphazard transport of animals, including working equines used in Kathmandu brick factories.

On March 11 Animal Nepal organised a workshop for government officials to discuss the lack of enforcement. The objectives of the workshop were to build strategies to implement guidelines, involve stakeholders, maximize the role of government authorities, clarify the role of non-government organizations and create awareness among the police forces.

Among the participants were representatives of Central Quarantine Office, Directorate of Animal Health, Department of Livestock Office, Traffic Police Office and Nepal Veterinary Council.

The workshop concluded with commitments from government authorities. Among these are:

  1. Regular monitoring and checking of highways under the leadership of DLSO
  2. Presence of t quarantine officers while uploading the animals
  3. Regular workshops to be organised by quarantine office regarding the Transportation Guidelines
  4. Construction of holding areas and loading platforms in Nepalgunj and Krishnanagar
  5. Construction of resting points along Prithivi and Mahendra highways
  6. 24 hour presence of quarantine officers at Thankot police station

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