A dream coming true….

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We are very pleased to announce that today we signed contracts with the family Acharya for leasing some beautiful plots of land in Badhikhel.

In 2009, when we built our Godavari Donkey Sanctuary to home rescued sick and handicapped equines, we could not dream that three years down the line we would be planning for a new sanctuary.

However, after rescuing and rehabilitating over 50 equines, we realized that we needed more space and more visitors.

The new Donkey Sanctuary with a Mission will be a place where animals are treated with kindness and compassion and where visitors can learn about animal  welfare in general and about the abuse that takes place against equines in Nepal.

We have leased a larger piece of land just below Godavari, famous for its flora and fauna. Godavari is home to almost 300 recorded bird species, over 80 types of butterflies and 150 species of jungle orchids.

The slogan of the new project will be ―Eat-Play-Love‖. We envision a place where  families can enjoy good food, interact with our four legged residents  and learn to love and respect animals in a recreational manner. The project will generate income to support our outreach programs.

Join our dream!

For more information visit https://thesanctuarynepal.wordpress.com/

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