Dutch animal lover walks the talk

A chance meeting with a sick puppy in Nepal gave a new direction to the life of Dutch tourist Dorien van Gameren. It motivated her to join the famous Vierdaagse (Four Days Marches) this July, during which she will be sponsored to walk 40 km during 4 days in a row.

While sightseeing in Bhaktapur in February, a malnourished puppy stumbled towards her, as if it needed help. “The puppy was skin and bones, could hardly walk and yelped from pain. I quickly bought some meat but the dog was too weak to eat. While lying down, it could only drink a bit of water,” says Dorien.

Dorien spend 1,5 hour with the puppy but realised there was little she could do. “The puppy suffered from parvo, a highly contagious disease which annually takes the lives of countless Nepalese puppies,” Dorien recounts. Once she returned home, the Buddhist dharma student felt guilty and upset. “The dog could not have been saved but at least have been euthanised so it did not have to suffer long,” she says.

Dorien contacted Nepalese animal welfare organisation and got in touch with fellow Dutch Lucia dee Vries, Volunteer Director at Animal Nepal. At Animal Nepal we vaccinate, sterilise and treat around 1800 dogs per year. Our aim is to create a happy and healthy dog population, which no longers suffers from disease such as parvo.

Animal Nepal wants to thank Dorien for Walking the Talk.  Dorien can be contacted through Facebook, see http://www.facebook.com/dorien.vangameren

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