Poultry farm turns into donkey sanctuary…

How does a discarded poultry farm become a donkey sanctuary? Easy peasy, with lots of disinfectant and a few bottles of paint!

After the rescue of nine working equines from brick factories in May, Animal Nepal has been on the look out for a place to keep the healthy donkeys. Since the  newcomers are in a bad state they need all the space and attention they can get to fully recoverm without being dominated by healthy ones.

We found a discarded chicken farm, complete with light bulbs. Apart from a large building and staff quarters, it came with a large plot of grazing land. The place was on rent, and came with a great caretaker, Kaman Singh.

By now the equines have settled in, and enjoy the extra space. Especially our youngest donkey, Victory,  loves running around like a mad dog. Anyone who likes to come and see the new place is welcome!

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