Animal Nepal unites equine owners in union

DSCN0122In order to strengthen equine owners, Animal Nepal has encouraged them to form a union. After realising that the equine owners are generally landless, illiterate and marginalised people, Animal Nepal felt it is important to encourage them to unite, to address the following:

–              Stop system of exploiting middle men and advance system

–              Promote safe transport for equines and their owners in the face of lawlessness

–              Stop the purchase and use of weak, handicapped and sick equines

–              Decrease dependence of factory and equine owners on Animal Nepal’s services

–              Improve social and economic status of equine owners in order to improve equine management

The union collected Rs 20,000  for registering the group with the government (as a business group). The union initially was very active and managed to stop the deaths of equines which were picked up from the street by the municipality and left in the Kanji House. After finding an abandoned equine, the union would take it, and charge Rs 150 to its owner, which is cheaper than government rates (the municipality charges Rs 500 per equine). This prevented equines from ending up in the badly managed Kanji House.

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