Animal Nepal treats injured bull

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Dobighat, September 25, 2012 – Today is a sad day for all of us at Animal Nepal. We just learned that ‘Sare’ the bull passed away. We tried everything we could to save the Brahmin bull, but to no avail.

The treatment of ‘Sare’ was definitely our hardest job so far. Vets Surendra, Sudeep and Sushma conducted a complicated surgery on the  Afaldol bull. After a fight with another bull its lower body part and testicles got badly infected.

With the help of countless locals we build a shelter inside the compound of BM Ad Media, chased the bull there and darted it. After treating and castrating the bull, with the help of the neighbourhood, we hand fed the bull for several days. When Sare refused to eat by himself, we  decided to release the bull, to stimulate digestion. Although Sare initially seemed to improve, the wound got infected again, and the bull died today when our staff was dressing the animal.

During the days we took care of him, we developed a strong bond with Sare. He was one of the gentlest creatures, who was probably depressed because he was ousted from his territory by a younger and stronger bull, who continued to look for a fight. Sare will be very much missed by the neighbourhood.

Kudos to all our staff,  family Ghimire and the neighbourhood for caring and sharing.

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