Mobile Response Team treats 32 animals in August

Dolahiti treatment1-low resoEkantakuna, August 2012 – If you want to find our vets Dr Surendra and Dr Sushma, you will probably have to search for them on the streets of Lalitpur.

Almost every day they are called to check out sick or injured animals. The Mobile Response Team, which was introduced in August with the support of Mayhew Animal Home, rescues and treats over 40 animals each month.

Apart from treating injured dogs, the two vets have cared for countless cows and even the occasional cat.

The team as much as possible treats the animals on the street, with the support of the local community. But there are always cases which need intensive treatment, and they end up at the Chobar Animal Sanctuary.

This monsoon, we received a worrying number of dogs with cuts that seemed to have been caused by knives. The deep wounds are often infected by maggots.

Sometimes animals arrive late at night, and caretakers Hari and Rabindra conduct first aid with the help of a torch.
The team faces a heavy work load, as we are also continuing our regular ABC/AR programme and monthly health camps. Also, surgeries and dressing take up much time.

But so far no one has complained. When the going gets tough, the Mobile Response Team gets going!

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