Survey shows major impact on community’s perceptions

sony4Harisiddi/Ekantakuna, December 2012 – In order to assess community members’ perceptions of animal welfare, Animal Nepal conducted a survey before and after organising a dog health camp. The results were very encouraging, showing that even a single welfare intervention can have a lasting impact on community members’ attitudes.

In May 2012, Animal Nepal organised a Catch Neuter Vaccinate and Release (CNVR) in Harisiddi, a Newar village in Lalitpur distict. A survey learned that people’s perceptions of animal welfare were positively influenced by the community based camp.

The survey conducted  by Dr Surendra Basyal and Dr Sushma KC showed that the percentage of people afraid of contracting rabies went down from 60% to 13%. The number of interviewees facing problems from stray dogs went down from 100% to 62%. The percentage of people throwing water or stones at dogs decreased from 60% to 8% while the percentage of people seeking treatment for sick and injured dogs went up from 10% to 46%.

“The findings are very encouraging,” says Volunteer Director Lucia de Vries. “They show that animal welfare interventions have much potential to drastically improve the position and treatment of animals within communities.”

Read the full report here

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