Animal Nepal launches Pet Therapy Programme

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Animal Nepal in March 2013 officially launched its pet therapy programme. Canadian pet therapist Shona Nichols and volunteer Jiggy Gaton have been assisting us in designing a programme that is suitable for Nepal. The real star of the show however is Krypto, a gentle German Shepherd who helps scared children to overcome their fear of dogs and teaches them how to behave with a canine.

In Nepal, children tend to be very scared of dogs, something which is often encouraged by parents who worry about rabies and dog bites. Few know how to treat a dog, and the increasingly large population of pet dogs tends to lack the right management and TLC.

One way Animal Nepal (AN) is working to fix this problem is with direct pet education at the primary school level. A program has been developed by AN volunteers that brings a healthy pet dog into the classroom, and along with the trainer (or pet owner) delivers a short 45-minute interactive presentation.

Shona Nichols and Jiggy Gaton took care of the presentation at Lincoln School, and taught the students how to successfully interact with a dog. The children were excited and quickly learned to trust Krypto.

Read a write up by Shona Nichols here and an account of our first session by Jiggy Gaton here.

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