Children raise funds to help stray dogs

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Animal Nepal is delighted to get support from Help Save Street Dogs, an initiative by 9 year old Michelle and her friends. The children have been feeding stray dogs since many years. Last year they started selling selling handicrafts for sick and injured strays. The income, close to Rs 8000, was handed over to Animal Nepal.

Michelle was inspired by her love for her dog, Luna. Her friends Hennie, Maren, Medha, Kioni, Hridyendra, Christoph, Ayushma, Carmen, Claire, Ellie and Ivan joined efforts to increase sells and raise funds. They opened memberships to HSSD for which members had to pay a monthly fee. Some class kids sold mini books with stories they wrote and illustrated; notepads which they cut, decorated and stapled together and sold.

Well done, HSSD members, and a big THANK YOU for supporting the suffering dogs at our shelter!

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