Music event raises Rs 65.000

The music event ‘For the love of dogs’ raised no less than Rs 65.000. The concert, organised by Shristi Shrestha and friends, featured Joint Family International, Subhani Moktan, Prajwal Mukhiya and Dev Lama, Axata Singh and The Say Project.

It was quite a crowd that joined the event. Shristi introduced the evening with a poem and an introduction to Animal Nepal and Mankind for Animals. During the break a documentary featuring animal rights campaigners Pramada Shah, Santosh Khatiwada, Manoj Gautam and Lucia de Vries was shown.

The concert was held at the Attic Bar, and supported by the Jazz Conservatory and Gorkha Brewery. 30% of the proceeds were handed over to Mankind for Animals. Thank you everyone involved!

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