Petition against donkey abuse handed over to Ministry of Agriculture

petition ministerSomething must be done about the unspeakable suffering inflicted on equines working in brick factories. This is why Animal Nepal  handed over a petition signed by 130.000 people to the Ministry of Agriculture on 27 June. Secretary Jaya Mukunda Khanal was positive but also pointed out that in the absence of an animal welfare act the Ministry is facing limitations.

During the interaction Animal Nepal’s representatives Pramada Shah and Uttam Kafle discussed the following suggestions with Mr Khanal:

  • Organize joint meeting with all agencies to stop equines abuse and related problems
  • Include working equines under DLSO mandate.
  • Stop smuggling of equines across Indian border
  • Ensure that no agency issues health cards unless equine is healthy
  • Improve transport conditions equines
  • Develop rules for working animals under Livestock Act
  • Write letter to Brick Factory Federation to point out rules regarding health cards, transportation, etc
  • Passing of Animal Welfare Act

The Secretary agreed that the Livestock Act can be reformed to include working equines and willl forward this message to the related authorities. Mr Khanal also agreed to include equine issues in the next year’s budget and to do whatever mandate the Ministry has under the present law.

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