Animal Nepal launches Donkey Wall of Fame

Logo donkey wall of fameDobighat, September 11, 2013 – Ever thought of becoming a Very Important Donkey (VID) or even a Very Very Important Donkey (VVID)? This is your chance, as Animal Nepal has launched a Donkey Wall of Fame, to raise  for the construction of an eco friendly donkey shelter.

Animal Nepal opened its Donkey Sanctuary in 2009, to act as a home for rescued handicapped and sick working equines, providing them retirement from a life of abuse in one of Nepal’s brick factories. Since then Animal Nepal has rescued and rehabilitated over 70 equines.

The sanctuary will be a place where animals are treated with kindness and compassion and where visitors can learn about the abuse that place against equines in Nepal. We have teamed up with a socially responsible company called The Sanctuary, which is building a tented camp next to the new donkey shelter.

Individual sponsors can either acquire a VVID (Very Very Important Donkey) status on the Donkey Wall of Fame at € 500, or a VID (Very Important Donkey) status @ € 250 euro. They can also buy a ‘brick’ @ 25 euro. or Rs 2500. Schools are invited to sponsor one of the six pillars of the building at € 500. The names of the schools will be displayed on the pillars.

All names will be displayed on a Donkey Wall of Fame, which will be prominently displayed on the site. If you like to be part of this unique project then please contact us at or ++ 977 1 5538068.

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