Animal Nepal launches campaign against cruel wild boar killing

???????????????????????????????Dobighat, January 14, 2014 – After documenting the cruel slaughter of wild boar on the eve of Maghe Sankranti festival, Animal Nepal launched a campaign to stop the breeding and killing of wild boar. Although wild boar are protected and hunting is illegal, breeding is allowed and meat can be bought online. The animals are killed publicly in a cruel manner in the streets of the capital.

A petition site has been opened to allow concerned citizens to lobby for a halt to the abuse.

Dr Sudeep Koirala, Veterinary Manager at Animal Nepal, recorded the killing of a wild boar. The video images show how at Balaju Chowk two men attack a boar with a hammer while in a cage, then drag it out and continue to hit it till it dies. The killing is done in full view of a large audience, including children. A police officer can be seen in the background. More wild boar are kept in cages at Balaju and Lainchaur, and possibly other locations in the Nepalese capital.

When the police refused to take action, Animal Nepal alerted the Kathmandu Municipality and Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation.

Hunting the protected wild boar is not permitted in Nepal  (with the exception of a very limited number at Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve) but the animal is served as a delicacy across the country. “We want Nepal to take its commitment to wildlife serious and end the hunting, breeding, slaughter and selling of wild boar meat as soon as possible,” says Programme Manager Uttam Kafle.

Please sign the petition today!

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