100 dogs receive family planning in Sauraha

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Sauraha, Februar 21, 2014 – In a unique collaboration between Animal Nepal, Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART) and Animal Rights Club (ARC), with Baghmara Bufferzone Committee and four Sauraha hotels, 100 Sauraha dogs and 1 cat received family planning, and many more were treated and vaccinated on the occasion of World Spay Day.

Sauraha is a popular tourism destination in Chitwan National Park. Here local tourism entrepreneurs, conservationists and bufferzone communities share a concern for the high number of stray dogs causing noise pollution and raising various welfare concerns.

Added to this is the presence of ‘sikari dogs’ and the fear of rabies. Dogs living close to the park are turning into sikari or hunting dogs and have started killing chital deer. As a result bufferzone committees have started poisoning dogs. This way of dog management is dangerous and cruel and yields no results in the long run.

HART and Animal Nepal  joined hands with the Bufferzone committees, the Hotel Association of Sauraha, Animal Rights Club and other local groups to create a healthy dog population through humane, scientific approaches. 100 dogs were spayed and vaccinated while 12 more dogs received treatment.

Thank you Jungle Wildlife Camp, River Bank Inn, Sapana Village Lodge and Sunset Camp for your support. Last but least a big hand for the team!

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