Better than the Oscars…

SAM_cropedBadikhel, March 29, 2014 – The Best Equine Owners Awards for all of us Animal Nepal are better than the Oscars! Today we held an Award Ceremony for the equine owners of  Lalitpur’s brick factories. The awards encourage the owners of horses, mules and donkeys to take better care of their animals.

The third prize was given to Mr Neejam Kasghar from Champi Brick Factory, while the second prize went to Mr. Ganu Kasghar from Bajra Brick. Mr. Muktaar Kasghar from R.M. Brick Factory came nr 1.

The top 3 equine owners were chosen based on our vets’ and vet-technicians’ observations over the last two months and a detailed ranking system based on Animal Nepal’s Good Practices document.

The prizes are items the equine owners use in their daily life including water filters, pressure cookers and electric lights. After the award ceremony the equine owners vowed to do even better next time and treat their animals humanely, as part of their family.

Animal Nepal will award the Best Equine Handlers later this month.

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