Animal Nepal awards ‘Best Equine Handler’ on World Veterinary Day

Best Equine Handler Rahul HinduHarisiddi, April 26, 2014 – Animal Nepal today celebrated World Veterinary Day by awarding the ‘Best Equine Handler’ in Lalitpur’s brick factories. Dr Sudeep Koirala handed over Rs 2000 to Rahul Hindu from Tri Shakti Brick factory, for taking good care of ‘his’ mules and donkeys.

“Positive rewards greatly benefit the welfare of both the people and the animals,” said Koirala.

Rahul Hindu came first in Animal Nepal’s rating system based on a list of ‘Good Practices’. These include proper feeding and watering, sheltering, loading, as well as immediate treatment and absence of beatings.

“If everyone would take as good care of their equines as Rahul, no donkey or mule working in one of the brick kilns would suffer from hunger, beatings or wounds,” said Koirala.

The full report can be read here.

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