Small hands for a BIG cause

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Kathmandu – June 2, 2014 – When Uttam, Suraj and Chadani from Animal Nepal met the students of pre school and grade 3 of Lincoln School on June 2, they felt overwhelmed. The students had managed to raise funds worth Rs. 5,300 and 17,500 respectively for needy animals treated by Animal Nepal.

The students were happy to do something special to make a difference in the lives of suffering animals. The students collected the funds by making and selling notebooks and organizing different events. They got together to bake cookies and made notebooks from waste paper. During the school carnival they sold second hand clothes and  chocolate chip cookies. The PreK children even ran a restaurant for the good cause!

The students also presented some of their visual art wallpapers with slogans like “Help us help Donkeys” with photographs of donkeys they took from their recent visit to Animal Nepal’s donkey sanctuary.

Animal Nepal Director Uttam Kafle thanked the students for their immense support and said that a small effort can makes a huge difference when it comes to animal welfare. He was pleasantly surprised to see such young kids being concerned about animals and being aware of the importance of animal welfare.

Suraj Thapa, Assistant Program Manager, added that the young generation is the one who are shaping the future for animals. He said if the kids of today show such a concern then there must be a better tomorrow waiting for the animals.

They also donated notebooks and color pencils for Animal Nepal’s education program held in brick factories. The notebooks are made from waste paper through which shows their responsible behavior towards the environment.

Students also presented their deep interest in the newly constructed donkey sanctuary at Badhikhel, Godawari. They were sure to visit the new shelter with their family and friends and meet some of the healthy rescued donkeys.

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