July is Dog Adoption Month

Dog adoption ad standardKathmandu, July 1, 2014 – During Dog Adoption Month, Animal Nepal promotes the adoption of puppies from its Chobar Animal Sanctuary. Participants will receive an adoption pack, including certificate, a cute belt and a voucher for one year free treatment.

Animal Nepal earlier launched its ‘Be Proud to be Nepali, Adopt a Nepali Dog’ campaign. Although many people prefer a pure breed, Animal Nepal believes local mixed breeds are just as handsome, clever, funny and lovable. When handled well mixed breeds tend to be very healthy as they carry strong genes and are well adjusted to local conditions.

Dogs presently available for adoption can be found here:  www.adoptanepalidog.info

Adopting a shelter dog can be very rewarding as it helps saving an animal who otherwise has little chance of survival.

Adopting a local breed also reduces chances of animal abuse. When buying a pure breed customers support one of the many unmonitored puppy mills that exist in the country. Animal Nepal aims to stop puppy mills and connect shelter dogs to loving homes.

The puppies at Chobar Animal Sanctuary are fully socialised and vaccinated. The dogs are treated and neutered for free up to one year after adoption. The adoption fee is NRs 150.

Animal Nepal runs a humane dog management programme introducing family planning and anti rabies vaccinations. Sick and injured dogs are treated and rehabilitated at the Chobar Animal Sanctuary.


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