July Adoption Month: A Success!

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Kathmandu – 9th August-2014 – Hundreds of phone calls and eight puppies adopted. That is the outcome of July Adoption Month, celebrated last month.

Animal Nepal this week celebrates the success of the event during which eight of our lucky puppies were adopted by loving families. Among them were Chris Stromlund and family who adopted Mini, Milan Shrestha gave home to Maxi, Amrita Subedi from Daanchi adopted only ten days old pup Jack. Tara Buddha Magar from Mahankal, Saral Shrestha from Kapan, Santosh KC and Hari Kumar Dhoju from Lalitpur adopted newly rescued puppies born from the same mother. Roshesh Giri from Mangal Bazar adopted Brownie and last but not the least Tara Rana Magar from Kausaltar provided a loving home to Paphu.Many people visited our shelter  and some kindly left a donation. The interested families received an Adoption Pack including a voucher for free spaying for female dogs and free treatment for one year, dog care booklets and a certificate. Adoptive families also got free cute belts for their new pet.

The month became even more successful when we were not only able to give a home to healthy puppies but also to a disabled adult dog from our shelter. Paphu, who had his one eye removed due to a bad injury, was adopted by the animal loving family of Tara Ratna Magar from Kausaltar.

There are still some puppies and handicapped dog waiting for a good home at Chobar. We hope people like Tara Ranta Magar can be a good inspiration for those who are willing to adopt a local mixed breed.

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