Donkey sanctuary fully booked with 28 equines!

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Badikhel, September 19, 2014 –With the birth of two new foals and the recovery of almost all our equines, it is a time for celebration at Animal Nepal’s Donkey Sanctuary. With the arrival of festive season, the weather is improving. The view of our healthy equines grazing in the green fields of Badikhel is a happy sight. Animal Nepal’s donkey sanctuary is now fully booked with 28 equines!

Welcome to Animal Nepal’s ‘one of a kind’ family of equines. When we enter the premises of Godavari Donkey Sanctuary, the first sight to charm us is is that of two beautiful and playful foals who enjoy circling around their mothers Victory and Puffin.. As part of the Name a Donkey Auction, anyone can propose a name for the newborn foals!

Animal Nepal continued its outreach program in the brick factories and rescued another eight equines. Some of them made a spectacular recovery. One such example is Mox (formerly known as Singh), who seemed at the end of his wits at the time of his rescue due to a severe front leg injury and various other wounds. Thanks to the love and care of the staffs Mox is fully recovered and can be often seen dancing in the rain.

After the unexpected death of Jack, all equines apart from Chang are in good health. Kabita who was quite close to Jack is not so happy at the moment.  Maneka, Bruna, Buddy and Chang are the best buddies and are often seen together.

As every classroom has one beauty queen, Rose has won the title once again and she is TOTALLY WORTH IT. Janet and Jenny, two ageless beauties, are the biggest threats to Rose. Besides, Luv and Kush ‘the Hobbits’, are still there to charm the visitors.

Where Luki has become one of the naughtiest donkeys at Godavari, on the other hand, at Chobar, Bella and Sangit are quite shy. Animal Nepal hopes to be able to move the majority of donkeys to its new sanctuary in Badikhel very soon. Till then all our equines are enjoying their shelter to their fullest.

The latest updates on the donkeys can be read here. 

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