Fighting animal cruelty with acts of kindness

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How does one stop terrible acts of animal cruelty? By acts of kindness!

Gadhimai festival is known as the world’s largest sacrifice event. Animal Nepal and first lobbied against the festival in 2005, and through Animal Welfare Network Nepal alerted the world in 2009, when countless animals were killed in the village of Bariyapur. See here for more information about the campaign.

With actresses Brigitte Bardotand Joanna Lumley speaking out against Gadhimai in Europe, and various Indian and Nepalese groups denouncing the cruelty here, campaigners aim to turn the tide this year.

Animal Nepal participated in a humane dog management camp to spread positive messages regarding animal welfare in the festival area. An ABC/AV (Animal Birth Control/ Anti-Rabies Vaccination) Camp was held from 23-27 September 2014 at Bariyaphat, Bara, with the support of the local Livestock  Office. The outreach camp responded to a rabies outbreak in the village. To avoid mass killings such as in Rolpa District, an effective, long term response was put in place.

The program was sponsored by Humane Society International(HIS) and coordinated by AWNN. The medical staff of Animal Nepal and Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART) were able to spay 72 females and castrate 1 male.Over one third of the spayed dogs were pregnant and around 150 births were prevented. 105 dogs were given anti-rabies vaccines.

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