Patan Durbar Square ‘rabies free zone’ on World Rabies Day 2014

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Patan, 28 Sept 2014- A World Heritage Site adorned with beautiful temples. That is Patan’s Durbar Square, home to countless stray dogs. On World Rabies Day 2014, Animal Nepal turned the Square into a rabies free ‘zone’. The vaccination camp aimed to vaccinate around 50 dogs.

First locals received education materials and information about the rabies virus and the importance of vaccination. When the team started at Krishna Mandir temple, they found that the dogs were calm and peaceful, which made the catching easy.

As we entered the alleys of Patan we gained local appreciation and interest. Patan Durbar square is the core area of our working area Lalitpur and most female dogs have already been spayed. Animal Nepal has been conducting vaccination programs in order to create a healthier and happier population of stray animals. Fear of rabies can lead to acts of cruelty such as dog killing through mass poisoning or brutal beatings. Recently Animal Nepal campaigned successfully against dog killing in Rolpa District. The poisoning was stopped but sadly over 20 dogs had already been killed. See here for more detailed news. The fear of rabies has bred short-term, misinformed responses. Through our humane dog management programme and events such as World Rabies Day Animal Nepal hopes to bring a lasting change in the lives of Nepal’s strays.

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