Animal Nepal campaigns against birth control injections for pets

No injectionIt seems such an easy solution to a difficult problem: birth control injections for your pet. They are cheap, and unscrupulous kennel club staff come to your gate to administer them, for almost nothing. But did you know that with this kind of birth control your pet has increased chances of ending up with an infected uterus? A  problem which if not diagnosed and treated immediately can kill your dog?

Progestin contraception injections are widely available in Nepal, and often replace surgical birth control. They are cheap, and easy to administer. A research by Animal Welfare Network Nepal found that close to 75% of pets receiving family planning are given regular progestin injections, while only 25% are sterilised through surgery.

dogs_in_loveBirth control injections, when used over a period of years, increase chances of uterine disease, especially pyometra, a very serious disease in females. The uterus gets infected and slowly fills with puss. One of signs is vaginal discharge, and by this time immediate treatment is required to save the dog.

At Animal Nepal, during our regular spaying programme, we find that around 25% of female dogs suffer from early or later stages of pyometra. We regularly rescue dogs that suffer from this condition and need immediate removal of the uterus. Sadly, for some help comes too late.

Vaginal dischargeAt present the only long term, safe solution for birth control is surgery. At Animal Nepal we charge only Rs 2000 to spay or neuter your pet. Private vets charge more, but if you can afford the expense,  isn’t your pet worth it?

Please note that providing a healthy dog with progestin injections once or twice does not have to lead to health problems. If you notice vaginal discharge in your female dog, immediately contact your vet.

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