Voices of Animals at Planet Nepal 3

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Kathmandu, November 1, 2014– Animal Nepal was able to make a remarkable presence on the Planet Nepal 3, the festival of arts & environment. The main aim of the participation was to make people aware about the role of animals.  It was the exhibitions of portraits of animals from our shelter, mostly by photographer and designer Nirmal Rana, with their added voices that drew the people to the stall.

Some of the photos were accompanied by heart breaking pleas. Like the one from Laxmi Kali, whose voice was, “I am 70 years old and still you want to ride me?” Others were that of Anup, a stray dog who lost one of his leg in an accident but learned to run even faster. Other ‘Models’ were Shiwani, Germany, Samir, Suraj, Paphu, Jhyaple and Choenki who were given a voice during the exhibition.

Animal Nepal also sold cup cakes and T-shirts. The income went to the elephant welfare project at Sauraha. We were pleased to see the inclination of students towards animal welfare issues. Other visitors were foreigners from different part of the world varying from France to Taiwan.

Most visitors were stunned by how animals are treated at the brick factories and tourism safaris. Learning about their situation, some even showed their interest in volunteering with Animal Nepal.

The festival is organized by Alliance Française of Kathmandu and the French Embassy in Nepal every two years. Even in such a huge crowd and big music, the animal voices didn’t remain unheard. Animal Nepal, in a real sense was able to be ‘A Voice for the voiceless’ at Planet Nepal!

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