Animal Nepal speaks up against removal of dogs as SAARC Summit approaches

SAARC_DesignKathmandu, 11 November, 2014– Animal Nepal today urged Kathmandu Municipality to stop the removal of dogs from the streets before the SAARC Summit. The welfare organisation said the animals will suffer from hunger, and possibly even turn into wild dogs. “Animal welfare has become an integral part of society and  humane dog management is the only real solution,” says Animal Nepal in a Letter to CEO Dhan Bahadur Shrestha and Minister Prakash Man Singh.

According to Animal Nepal, stray and community dogs ‘are the truth of our city and need not be hidden from anyone’. According to the organisation, relocating dogs is not an option, as dogs are territorial and have carved out their niche on the street.

After relocatistreet-dogs1ng them they could die from hunger, feed on livestock and turn wild or create nuisance by barking. This will violate basic animal welfare principles and the well being of the people in the new area.

Instead of shifting the dogs to another area humane dog management needs to be continued, meaning sterilisation and vaccination, which is the only scientific way to control the street dog population.

A 2012 WSPA supported survey shows that due to humane dog management the dog population in Kathmandu district is no longer increasing and has become stable.  The population in Lalitpur District decreased with 64%  in 6 years time. “This shows that humane dog magement has been successful and should be continued,” says Animal Nepal Director Uttam Kafle.

Animal Nepal also speaks out against the removal of cows. The organisation is worried the sold cows will end up in slaughterhouses across the border. “Without a sustainable management plan in place picking up cows makes little sense,” according to Kafle.

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