A day full of blessings, fun and treats!

Chobar, October 22, 2014– The dogs knew something was going to happen. The shelter was being  scrubbed and disinfected. The kennels were decorated with flowers and colourful paper flags. Something was happening in the kitchen….soon the shelter dogs were getting restless with the smell of eggs and bones. And then they realised it was THEIR day, the best day of the year by far, ‘Kukur Tihar’ or Dog Puja. 

Every year Kukur Tihar is celebrated at the Chobar shelter with a bang. This year AN decided to make it even more special. The event started at 11 am with the short speech from our board members and directors. Blessings were offered to our rescued dogs and donkeys and delicious meals were served to them. At 12.30 am participants were invited to make pet toys. Peanut butter was put inside the toys and the dogs seemed very happy to struggle and win their treat.  The materials used for the toys were very much dog friendly like old socks, straws, old sticks, balls and papers. As for the donkeys, fresh apples and carrots were used as a treat. During this year’s dog worship Animal Nepal expressed its concern about unregulated dog breeding and the lack of responsible pet ownership. According to Animal Nepal, the growing culture of buying foreign breed dogs is increasingly resulting in animal abuse. Unregulated dog breeding has become a big business, with the welfare standards of the dogs severely compromised. And we often overlook the fact that mixed breeds can make perfect, healthy pets. Every time people buy a dog from a breeder, a homeless Nepali dog loses its chance of finding a good home.
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