Shelter dogs say: “Winter, come try me”!

donate blanketOutside it is getting colder, but the Chobar Animal Shelter is heating up. The secret behind are those blankets and quilts that has are pouring in this season from our well-wishers.

Stray dog often suffer from hair loss and malnutrition and on top of that lack a home and a cosy shelter. Thus Winter tends to be very difficult for them.  But with a little bit of effort and kindness we can save a dog this winter. 

10670019_10152587164264480_4406128723870908896_nEarlier this month Animal Nepal pleaded for the donation of old blankets with the message “Make sure nobody dies from cold this winter”!  Many responded to our plea.  Among them were Nima Ghale and Jigme Gurung who donated 4 blankets to the shelter. Both of them having immense love for animals and chose Animal Nepal for their noble work. Other blankets came from Pharping Monastry and from our star volunteers Eva Manandar and Meena Khadka (see picture below). Our dogs are grateful to all of them!

Likewise we send out an appeal for donations to fix ply doors to our kennel grills for insulation.  We are raising 300 euro . Nrs 34.500 for this purpose. Donate today and make a dog smile….:)

Our shelter gates and hearts are always open for those who wants to donate warm blankets or other items to our shelter dogs!IMG_7947

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