Shattered hearts come together to say: “WE WILL NOT FORGET”

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Kathmandu, December 1, 2014– Tears flowed today when over 50 concerned citizens from across the country protested Gadhimai sacrifices at the southern gate of Singha Durbar, They said in many different ways: We Will Not Forget, and held the government responsible for the blood bath.

Concerned citizens dressed in black dresses held banners and placards. The slogans included ‘Why does the government remain silent?’, ‘We deny to step on innocent blood!’ and ‘Stop Animal Sacrifice’.  The silent protest started from the Hanumansthan, Anamnagar, and eventually turned into a rally that passed various ministries.

Despite the efforts of campaigners both within Nepal and across the world, thousands of animals were killed in the name of religion at Gadhimai festival. Once more the world was exposed to traumatizing images of exhausted animals brought for the sacrifice, a calf standing alone on the sea of dead bodies and calves licking their dead mothers. 

The protest was initiated by animal activists Pramada Shah and Shristi Singh Shrestha.  Most of the participants expressed feeling depressed and stunned about the Gadhimai killings. 

The festival held once in every five years has prompted worldwide protests by animal rights activists including famous personalities like Joanna Lumley and Brigitte Bardot, who wrote to the Nepalese government asking them to stop the killings. However, the authorities turned a deaf ear to their pleads.

Animal activists who witnessed the sacrifices shared their experiences with the participants and the media. While their speech broke down into a cry, people were only left to imagine the terror. Some students shared their views towards changing this ruthless culture and how to impact our country in a long run. The protest ended peacefully after all the protesters joined hands to make a big circle in which they jointly mourned the death of the animals and prayed for their souls.

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