Municipality signs MOU for humane dog population management in Lalitpur

kjhKathmandu, November 3, 2014– While the authorities tried hard to create a city free of stray dogs with the arrival of the SAARC Summit, animal activists across the country  spoke out for canines.

Good news came from Lalitpur Sub-Municipality when they officially decided to support Animal Nepal in its humane dog population management efforts rather than poisoning or relocating them.


The 8 point MOU was signed by Lalitpur Sub-Municipality CEO Mr Tara Bahadur Karki and Animal Nepal’s President Ms Pramada Shah.

The agreement consists of humane way of sterilizing the dogs and their basic right to live. While the strays are causing problem to the community when it comes to keeping the city clean, barking during the night hours and biting local people etc, Animal Nepal suggests that the only solution to the problem is the sterilizing of dogs which will not only control their population but also lower their aggressiveness.

For the street dog management the parties have agreed on following the standard process to control and vaccinate the dog population as well as respect their basic right to live.

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