3 days long camp sterilizes 65 dogs

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Chobar, November 2014– Animal Nepal conducted a CNVR-M camp, (Catch Neuter Vaccinate Release-Monitor) in the period November 21 till November 23 at its Chobar Animal Sanctuary. As part of its ongoing humane dog population programme, dogs were selected from two core areas:  Kirtipur (Tyanglaphat) and Gwarko. The three days long camp sterilized and treated 65 dogs. Besides community dogs we also welcomed some pet dogs from other parts of Kirtipur and Kathmandu.

The expert team of veterinarians included Dr Sudip Koirala, Dr Pranav Joshi, and Dr Attish Yadav whereas Dr Sunil Thapa, Dr Shankar Sapkota, Dr Kshitiz and Hari Krishna provided technical support to the surgery. Our dog catching experts were Mohan Shrestha, Santosh Gautam and Ram Chandra. The dog surveys were conducted by Suraj Thapa, Uttam Kafle and other team members.

We were voluntarily supported by some of our regular members and visitors like Meena Khadka, Bizu Maharjan, Coralie Atugan, Eva Manandhar and Prabal Manandhar. We are also thankful to Bikalpa Rajbhandari and friends for donating biscuits for the dogs.

Animal Nepal has been conducting CNVR camps on a regular basis in order to sterilise community dogs to create a smaller, healthier and happier population of stray animals.

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