Kudos to Animal Aid Abroad Australia tour group!

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At the start of the year the Animal Nepal team was pampered with the visit of  a team of volunteers from Animal Aid Abroad Australia (AAA). The eleven enthusiastic AAA members came with the purpose of getting to know Animal Nepal better and donating lots of useful medicines and special equipment, including a microscope.

On 8th of January the team was welcomed at the Summit Hotel by Animal Nepal. The second day marked their visit to a brick factory to see equines carrying bricks and the Godavari Donkey Sanctuary.  Most of the equines at our shelter are financially supported through sponsors from AAA, thus providing them with a well-deserved retirement. The team enjoyed spending time with the donkeys, who truly appreciated getting the extra attention. The team also took time to visit the new sanctuary where we hope to move the equines in the near future.

The third day took the group to Chobar Animal Shelter where they were welcomed by our four legged friends with a well-coordinated tail wagging. The team spent few hours in our shelter with our rescued dogs, some of whom are individually sponsored by them. Animal Nepal was extremely grateful with the heart-warming gifts and donations from AAA which included a microscope, medicines and fun items like soft toys and nail polish for our committed caretakers Sangita and Ishwori didi.

After their visit the team was invited to a lunch at our cosy Mongolian yurt set at the backyard of our office. The yummy vegetarian lunch was well appreciated by the AAA members. They also managed to buy some ‘Hatti Mero Sathi’ T-shirts, benefiting Animal Nepal’s elephant welfare programme.

In the afternoon the team joined a tour at the old city of Patan guided by no other than Raghu Aditya. Raghu is a remarkable young man who rescued a pigeon from being slaughtered at the world’s largest animal sacrifice. His story of compassion went viral on social media during the Gadhimai festival. The unknown campaigner now is know as the ‘Birdman of Gadhimai’.

The AAA member got to spend some quality time with Raghu Aditaya and Sano Maya, the white pigeon. Raghu showed them some historically important monuments and temples at Patan Durbar Square and the members couldn’t asked for more.

In the evening the group was welcomed by President Pramada Shah, for a delicious dinner at her home. The members specially enjoyed meeting Ms Shah’s troupe of particularly handsome Tibetan Spaniels!

Animal Aid Abroad visit was something that Animal Nepal will treasure forever. The donations certainly will help to improve the lives of many suffering animals.

Kudos to AAA on behalf of our dogs and donkeys!

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