Donkey Sanctuary India provides valuable training to Animal Nepal staff

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How to make saddles that do not create wounds on donkeys? How to educate equine owners in a participatory manner? These and many other questions were addressed in a recent Donkey Sanctuary India training programme. Animal Nepal’s equine outreach members Dr. Atish Kumar Yadav and vet technician Hari Krishna Shrestha returned with fresh energy and knowledge.

Animal Nepal has been supported with technical inputs by the Donkey Sanctuary India since many years. The regular visits by equine vet Dr Ramesh Kumar to Nepal and the monitoring visits of the DS India team at equine bazaars have benefited our outreach activities tremendously.

Dr Yadav and Mr Shrestha recently refreshed and upgraded their knowledge at a detailed DS India training.

On the first day of the training Mr. Bimal and Dr. Kumar shared insights on the improvement of harness and saddles for equines using PRA tools. Sample harnesses were made from discarded cloths. The second day of the training demonstrated a new method of castration in male donkeys with the help of emasculator, as demonstrated by Dr Kumar.

The following day, hoof related problems were discussed and our staff were taken for to various brick factories to observe the working conditions and health problems in equines. On the fifth day the team was trained in dental health and tooth rasp methods, eye worm removal surgery and the rehoming of young equines.

Thank you team of Donkey Sanctuary India!

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